Vision & Mission


We love to become the competent leader in the premium cooking oil sector in the region (Middle East, Asia and Africa).


To make premium brands and modern facilities and to maintain manufacturing and packing of edible oils at the premium standard to service our valuable clients.

Our Business

ADROIT FACTORY FZC is trying achieving significant progress in coming decade and attracting wide range of premium edible oils throughout the Middle East and North Africa (Mena ) Region . We believe within a few years the company will secure the rights to manufacture one of the longest establish and leading brands in the Region. Currently our brand is Mamzar which surely achieve a great suceess in near future. ADROIT FACTORY FZC has hope to built up an excellent range of its own brands and will secure the right to pack a number of products for major retailers and brand owners in the region. We are following a number of improvements and upgrades in our practices procedures and equipment - the company is also acquiring HACCP and ISO certification soon.

Quality & Safety

Adroit Factory FZC Quality Department

Quality assurance is viewed as an important and necessary function in Adroit Factory FZC. It provides the necessary know-how to the plant so they can deliver finished products within the highest standards. The quality control department in ADROIT FACTORY FZC offers important services by maintaining a high standard of product quality and by providing proper training to the plant personnel in process and quality control. ADROIT FACTORY FZC Quality Control Department was recently established together with the company’s first product entering the export and local market. The premimum laboratory continued to be upgraded to keep pace with ADROIT FACTORY FZC’s speedy progress. The group assigned the responsibility of total quality check for all incoming and outgoing materials starting from refined / crude oil receiving and  empty packaging materials receiving to refined bleached deodorized oil and finished goods stored in the warehouse perfectly.

Quality Objectives

Adroit Factory FZC follows the key elements necessary for good Quality Control Management: Quality Standards Product Standards Process-operation Standards Special program of training for process personnel to educate and understand the principles behind process operation as well quality management. Training program to educate for the safeguarding personnel on routine and protective maintenance.

Quality Objectives

The main purposes and objectives of the Premium Quality Control Department are the following: 100% compliance with the finished-product standards In ADROIT FACTORY FZC, we follow the rule that no product can be shipped unless all finished-product perfectly meeting with specifications. To manufacture and export finished products with zero defects, the import of raw materials must meet all quality standards, objectives and specifications.

Perfect Compliance with the Process Standards and the standards of operating are most important and critical in order to obtain in-process oils with the perfect functional properties, quality and stability. ADROIT FACTORY FZC has established process-operating standard on the basis of the desired functional properties of the ready products of edible oils. Process controlling and operating standards are critical for obtaining the appropriate product quality. We also believe that all process oil must and regularly meet the perfect standards at each and every step of operation before the oil is moved to the next step. Any deviation from this procedure causes diversion from premium quality and difficulty in the subsequent operating steps and can produce off-quality product.

We promise for Zero defects on all of our products shipped Occasionally in an oil-manufacturing plant such as ADROIT FACTORY FZC the freshly made product is found to meet the finished product standards, but if it fails to do so we stop to ship it. There are various reasons for such occurrences. Usually, pitiable storage conditions for the finished product, problem in inventory rotation, and limited quality of the raw materials and finished products are responsible for such failures. Thus, ADROIT FACTORY FZC have established a monitoring system in place to have periodic checks on the finished products in storage and its shelf life quality.